September 8, 2017

The Voices of Miller-Valentine Group

Recently we have shared a few of the faces of Miller-Valentine Group, from newly hired to long-term Associates sharing their background and experiences.

But just as important are the voices of Miller-Valentine Group — the first person you speak with when you call our office.  We recognize that impressions and opinions of a business are developed by the person who first interacts with a client.  At Miller-Valentine Group, this interaction will always be with a live person, and not an Auto Attendant.  It’s a simple solution to avoid the frustration many experience when listening to instructions of a recorded voice, asking the caller to enter an extension or the first three letters of the last name. In keeping with our highest priority of providing the utmost level of customer service, all calls into our offices are greeted with friendly, capable, knowledgeable Associates ready to direct your call to the appropriate person or department to provide the information needed.

Three primary individuals from Miller-Valentine are responsible to handle incoming calls; in addition to many Associates who are trained to step in when the need arises.

Meet the Voices of Miller-Valentine Group:

Q&A with Lois Smith (pictured above, bottom left) – 20 year Associate

What do you like about your job?

I like the interaction I have with others, whether they are clients, vendors, or Associates.  By providing assistance, either by phone or in person, I feel like I make a difference.

What do you like about Miller-Valentine Group?

I like the people!  The Associates make Miller-Valentine Group a great company and a great place to work.

What do you enjoy when you are not at work?

Relaxing with family and friends is my favorite pastime, as well as spontaneous outings with office Associates.

According to Lois “People are often surprised to hear a voice at the end of the line instead of a machine. It’s a true pleasure to provide this opportunity to provide assistance”.

Q&A with Debbie Wallingford (pictured above, top) – 2 year Associate

What do you like about your position?

I enjoy meeting and helping visitors coming into our office, as well as being of assistance to fellow Associates.  I enjoy the diversity of helping out different departments as time permits. 

What do you like about Miller-Valentine Group?

I’m happy to be with a company that cares about its Associates and their families. I have witnessed compassion from Managers, Vice Presidents, Presidents and CEO’s. This caring attitude carries over to our vendors, our business partners, and the community. I’m also proud to share with my family and friends the products and services that Miller-Valentine offers.  From apartment rentals to big commercial structures, Miller-Valentine consistently produces high-quality spaces for people to live and work.

How do you spend your free time?

I have eight grandchildren who play a variety of sports, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball and horse-riding and showing. I go to as many of these events that I can. Also, my involvement in church is very important to me and I facilitate a Divorce Care class twice a year. I have been helping with this class for five years and love the results of my contribution.

Q&A with Lisa McCartha (pictured above, bottom right) – 10 year Associate

What do you like about your job?

I work with a great team of fun people!  I enjoy assisting with the challenges each project presents, which makes no two days alike. Providing help to our subcontractors gives me a great sense of pride as I am contributing to the success of a project and representing Miller-Valentine Group in the best way possible way.  There are a few subcontractors that I have been working with since I have been here, which makes these relationships extra special.

What do you like about Miller-Valentine Group?

I like the hospitable/warm environment — we celebrate birthdays and have office get-togethers. I personally enjoy casual Friday!  Miller-Valentine Group puts people first.

How do you spend your free time?

I enjoy a nice glass of Rose’.  I also love being outside – whether on walking trails, biking, or in the pool.  Naturally, family time tops my list.

According to Crystl Zimmer, Project Assistant, “Every person who calls or walks into the office is provided the utmost in customer service. Lisa has a special skill of being courteous and professional and places her primary focus on the people that matter the most, our clients.”

In addition to the personal attention Lois, Debbie, and Lisa provide to callers, these Associates are the ultimate multitaskers, ordering office supplies for approximately 750 Associates, processing all incoming and outgoing US Post Office and interoffice mail, assisting with different departmental tasks, and assisting with Associate events and fund raising activities.

In 2016, Miller-Valentine Group received approximately 32,000 phone inquiries, all handled with the personal attention the caller deserved.

According to CEO Bill Krul, “When you hear that voice asking ‘May I help you?’ we really mean it!” Top notch customer service starts from the moment you call our office and continues throughout the relationship, whether it’s a two-minute phone call or a 100,000 SF building.  Give us a call and Experience the Difference.”

For information about careers with Miller-Valentine Group, visit our Career Page.

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