January 10, 2018

4 Benefits of Centralized Preconstruction Services

Do you have plans that will help fuel the expected growth in residential, commercial or industrial building construction? If your answer is “yes,” then find out how centralized preconstruction services can help.

What are Preconstruction Services?

When you are considering a construction project, one of the biggest challenges you face is understanding project feasibility. You have a budget, but there’s no price catalog for the unique variables in any project—location, time of year, materials construction techniques and more—that influence cost. And therein lies the problem. Too often, the grand vision for a project and the budget don’t match. Comprehensive preconstruction services—like those Miller-Valentine Construction has always offered through its project management—help to ensure that the project scope and budget are in alignment.

How Centralized Preconstruction Services Support Your Needs

Miller-Valentine uses a centralized approach to its preconstruction services, which allows us to realize efficiencies in our own workflow that also benefit our customers. But centralized or distributed, our preconstruction services also stand out for several reasons to support your needs.

  1. Centralized preconstruction services offer a comprehensive view of the market. Centralized preconstruction services allow a broader view of trends in the types of product being built and their locations. With this enhanced perspective, you gain insights into critical factors—such as sectors where prices are going up because of demand—to guide strategic decisions. 
  1. Centralized preconstruction services look beyond the numbers. While some companies consider coming up with anticipated project costs as the primary function of preconstruction services, you need more than an estimating department. Comprehensive, centralized preconstruction services start before the number crunching begins. Through a consultative process, preconstruction services define what a successful project looks like for each customer. Sometimes aesthetics takes precedence; for other customers, the top concern may be cost, a timeline to completion, or marketability. By understanding what matters most, preconstruction services help you get projects started down the right path, sooner.
  1. Centralized preconstruction services cut down on waste. If you have selected an architect, preconstruction works with your architect to ensure the vision aligns with the budget or other considerations. The process of exploring your expectations ensures you to understand the financial feasibility of the project before you invest too much time or money before the project gets off the ground.
  1. Centralized preconstruction services pull together the right resources. Local market experts, construction specialists, project management pros—all in one place—empower you to strategically plan your project, anticipate how decisions will affect ROI, and execute the build as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

A dedicated team and resources that focus on your preconstruction needs allow you to move from concept to completion faster—and without the budget “surprises” common with less thorough estimating processes.

Discover how our centralized preconstruction services put your construction projects on a path to success. Talk to Brian Lacon at Miller-Valentine Construction.


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