February 7, 2018

Global Leader FlightSafety International Completes Columbus Learning Center Phase II

Pilots and flight attendants from around the world rely on FlightSafety International’s aircraft- and mission-specific training and advanced-technology flight simulators. This world leader in professional aviation training and manufacturing of flight simulators, visual systems, and displays provides more than 1.4 million hours of training each year to customers from 167 countries throughout its global network of Learning Centers.

In late September, FlightSafety completed the second and final phase of its Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio. The 63,000-square-foot addition dovetails seamlessly with 54,806-square-foot Phase I, which has been up and running since December 2014. FlightSafety offers training for a wide variety of business aircraft at the Center. Adding space for eight aircraft type-specific full-flight simulators and corresponding classrooms, Phase II will allow FlightSafety to meet the current and future needs of its customers.

Safety First

“Safety is always first with us; it’s in our name,” says Todd Deavers, FlightSafety International Director of Purchasing, explaining, “Our training centers tend to be specialized. At the Columbus center, we primarily provide training for pilots who fly corporate aircraft. They take initial training to receive a type-rating on a specific aircraft as well as recurrent training and other specialized advanced courses.  We also provide training for flight attendants using our ‘cabin trainer”.

“Everything we do here is highly regulated by the FAA and other aviation regulatory agencies around the globe,” says Deavers. “Our simulators and other advanced training devices meet the highest standards as they replicate the exact operating and performance characteristics of the aircraft they represent.”

Deavers emphasizes, “FlightSafety is very proactive regarding what is going on within the industry in terms of new areas of focus related to training. We are on the leading edge of safety and safety technology. But, beyond that, our actual training curriculum—what we talk to pilots about, what we train them to do in the simulators and classrooms—is always evolving, with safety being the driving force”.

Miller-Valentine Group has been working with this world leader since 1998. Says Deavers, “The Columbus project has been a nice partnership with FlightSafety and Miller-Valentine Group, the city of Columbus and the state of Ohio. The Miller-Valentine team has been very good to work with.”

For more information about this project, contact Brian Lacon at 513.774.8400.

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