July 19, 2018

Associate Spotlight – Crystl Zimmer, Executive Assistant

Congratulations to Crystl Zimmer on her promotion to Executive Assistant.

Crystl joined Miller-Valentine Group in 2012 as a Project Assistant in the Columbia, SC office. Since her start, she has served as the primary assistant to Steve Koewler and Kurt Eyring, and more recently Brian Taylor.

Crystl takes care of the business and serves as the liaison between the corporate office in Ohio and the Southeast operations while supporting Marketing, Sales, HR and IT initiatives. Crystl also manages the coordination of Associate events and corporate travel.  Most recently Crystl has taken the lead in establishing temporary accommodations for more than a dozen of our project team members in West Virginia, including processing apartment contracts, purchasing furnishings and all the accessories for our out of town Associates.

Q&A with Crystl:

What did you learn from your first position at Miller-Valentine Group?
You don’t have to know how to do everything, so long as you’re willing to figure it out and ask questions. Most of the time I’ve found that starts with a working knowledge of the departments that operate within your company and knowing where to turn to start the ball rolling.

What drives your passion to come to work every day?
The variety of my day and the people I work with. Supporting them on the day to day items means they can focus on the project they’re working on and getting home to their families safely.

What challenges do you look forward to in your new position?
Continuing to take on new tasks as the need arises and learning or honing the skills necessary to succeed in whatever task that may be. When asked can you do this, I aim to say “Yes, I can figure it out”.

Advice to new Associates?
Look ahead! Being able to forecast what may be needed 
of you or your team can increase your probability of being prepared ahead of time.

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