September 18, 2018

Office Associates Head Out to the Job Site

Our recent tilt-up tour was quite a success! Office Associates from Accounting to Information Services headed out to the Staco job site in Miamisburg recently to view the tilt-up of wall panels for the 96,000 SF facility.  The Associates were guided through the process by veteran construction experts Dave Varney, Superintendent (38+ years) Jane Brown, Construction Labor Manager (30+ years), and Hank Betts, Project Manager for the Staco Energy Systems facility.  Dave Varney took time to explain the complexities and precision involved with the process and shared a few stories of his long history with tilt-up wall panels and the improvements he has seen during his long tenure overseeing this product.  Associates who typically don’t get out to the job site were quite interested with the process and amazed at how quickly they witnessed a number of panels erected during the duration of the tour.

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