February 22, 2019

Is Business Etiquette a lost art and a thing of the past?

In this day and age of text messages, emails, emoji’s and acronyms, is Business Etiquette a lost art and a thing of the past?  Not at Miller-Valentine Group! We are always investing in our Associate’s professional development and future.

Recently our Columbia and Charleston, SC teams participated in classes on “Netiquette” — Email and Smartphone Etiquette and Polished Prose covering written communication and proper phone etiquette (Modern Etiquette for Excellence).

Tiffany Adams, Founder, and President of CELI, Cincinnati Etiquette & Leadership Institute, LLC, conducted the classes for our team, providing the five C’s of polished prose; which are to be:

  1. Concise
  2. Correct
  3. Clear
  4. Conversational
  5. Courteous

The classes provided well-needed reminders that the casual nature of texting is not necessarily good communication in business correspondence.  Strategies and techniques were provided on constructing better letters and emails using a strengthened, higher-caliber vocabulary.

According to Nick Beach, Sr. VP/Chief Operating Officer, “This class provided timely reminders to our team to distinguish between casual chats with friends and the importance of proper communication in business correspondence.  A lot of material was covered to ensure these two conversation styles did not overlap.”

The Cincinnati Etiquette & Leadership Institute, LLC (CELI) offers a professional learning program with proven training and consultation resources in modern etiquette and leadership education. Our learning journeys are expertly designed for all generations and experience levels.  In essence, if meaningful relationship-building and high-caliber communication skills are still important to careers, then CELI empowers its clients to be the finest ambassadors of themselves and Miller-Valentine that they can be.

Check out CELI’s Blog for additional insights:  http://www.etiquetteplease.com/blog



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