February 28, 2019


 Transaction, Transition, Transformation: Miller-Valentine Recommits to Its Construction Roots

 With Miller-Valentine Group for more than a decade, Elizabeth Mangan’s first year as the company’s Chief Executive Officer was transformative.

“Our primary objective for 2018,” says Mangan, “was to renew focus on our core business as a construction company. For Miller-Valentine, 2018 was the year of the transaction and the transition. We executed several spin-offs, selling our Affordable Housing Development and Affordable Housing Property Management divisions and nearly 5,700 affordable housing units.  At the same time, we transitioned to new leadership. It was a very full and successful year.”

Mangan emphasizes, “Because of the strength of our team, even during this time of significant change, we exceeded our 2018 sales and gross margin goals.”

Going on 56 years in the construction and real estate development industry, Miller-Valentine’s sharpened focus on its core business positions it well for succeeding in a tough environment. “Material costs are still high, lead times are long and the labor market remains tight. Our customers tell us they choose us with confidence because we are a team they can rely upon, one that provides decades of experience and trusted guidance.  Our approach to qualifying project team partners ensures that our customers’ vision can become their reality even in this challenging environment.”

As for the future, Mangan says, “We emerged from 2018 a transformed company and we have enjoyed a record-breaking start to 2019.”  Looking forward, Miller-Valentine will continue to focus on providing a best in class, customer-centric experience.  “Our passion is to build”, says Mangan, “and we are excited to help our customers build their businesses for the future.”

Meet Elizabeth:

First job?   Lifeguard

Best piece of advice you ever got? A friend once reminded me that I would never reach my destination if I stopped to throw rocks at every barking dog.  I believe Winston Churchill gets credit for the original quote, but it was shared with me at just the right time in my life.  It’s equally good advice in our professional and personal lives.

If you couldn’t be a CEO, what career or job would you have?  That’s a great question.  Those that know me well would tell you I would be a coach or therapist; anything that would provide the opportunity to interact with and encourage people.   But, the truth is I’ve always wanted to own a bakery!

What’s your biggest worry?  I wouldn’t describe myself as a worrier.  But, as a mother of three, I do have concerns about raising my children.   Like most parents, some days I’m only concerned about how much screen time they’re getting and other days, I’m wondering whether I’ve equipped them to make good decisions when it matters.

 How do you define success?  For me, success is about enjoying what you do every day and feeling like you are effective.  It’s having the energy and drive to consistently strive for excellence in everything you decide to approach.

Most recent book you’ve read? Hillbilly Elegy, by JD Vance.

Is your company hiring?  We are ALWAYS hiring great talent.  Miller-Valentine has offices in Ohio and South Carolina with properties and projects in various states throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

What’s the biggest hurdle for finding a qualified workforce?  The biggest recruiting hurdle we face is the size of the talent pool.  The pool of skilled tradespeople is shrinking every day.  As an industry, we need to continuously work toward educating the next generation on the opportunities that exist in construction.

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