March 6, 2019

Women In Construction – Meet Erin Standen

Erin joined Miller-Valentine Construction as a Project Manager in 2017.  Erin is a graduate of The Ohio State University where she was a member of the women’s club soccer team.  Erin enjoys life in Cincinnati, including all the parks, restaurants, microbreweries and FC Cincinnati games.

Meet Erin:

What made you decide to pursue construction as a career?
I started out as an Architecture major and realized that I liked being in the field as part of the actual construction more than sitting behind a computer.

What do you like best about the construction industry?
Every day is different.  There are always new challenges and problems to solve – it’s never boring!

What would you say to a female student considering a career in construction?
Do not shy away from it just because it’s a traditionally a male-dominated field.  The industry is in great need of smart, detailed, creative, and organized people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.  Plus, it’s fun!

Are you excited to see more women choosing construction as a career?
I haven’t come across too many more women, which is disappointing.  Most of the ones I do see on-site are designers, not Project Managers. However, we did have a female plumber on the last two projects I worked on, which was awesome to see.   I would definitely welcome more women in this field!

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