March 7, 2019

Women in Construction – Meet Rebecca

Rebecca graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program and began her career in construction in 2017.  She enjoys working on projects around the house with her husband and taking her dog Lily on hikes.

Meet Rebecca:

What made you decide to pursue construction as a career?
I grew up on a farm and every weekend my Dad put me and my siblings to work.  I received my first pair of steel toe boots when I was eight years old.  My Dad didn’t care if we were boys or girls, he just needed help, so I hung drywall, wired outlets, chopped wood, dug ditches, drove tractors, and re-roofed our house.  That experience taught me that I liked building, and ultimately attended college for architecture.  After a few internships I learned that what I loved about the building industry was the energy and problem solving of the construction side of a project, so I made the switch to bringing plans to life instead of drawing them.

What do you like best about the construction industry?
My favorite part of my day is walking around the job site talking to foremen to problem solve whatever issues popped up that day and negotiating to keep all the trades working together and on schedule.

What would you say to a female student considering a career in construction?
If you are curious about how things work and how different materials and assemblies go together, try out construction.  If you enjoy planning out the parts and pieces of an event – you may thrive in project management.  Don’t limit yourself!  The hard hat is more comfortable than it looks.

Are you excited to see more women choosing construction as a career?
Of course, I like seeing more women in the field!

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