June 12, 2019

Project Update: New Headquarters Positions Staco Energy Products for the Future

On June 12, Dayton mainstay Staco Energy Products celebrates the opening of its headquarters in Miamisburg, Ohio, with a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house. The event officially marks the start of a new era for one of the world’s oldest innovators of power quality and voltage control technologies.

The 96,168 square foot facility—which includes office, manufacturing, and warehouse space, along with a state-of-the-art training center—has enabled the company to consolidate its Dayton-area operations under one roof. Staco found an ideal location with a 20-acre site in the Interstate Technical Park in Miamisburg. And it found the right partner with Miller-Valentine Construction.

A More Efficient Floorplan
For the past five years, Staco’s 62 employees were divided between two sites. Production and manufacturing operations were located in Dayton, and the company’s administrative and sales/marketing staff were located in Miamisburg. As a result, Staco was maintaining close to 140,000 square feet of space.

Rather than duplicate its operations in a new location, the company developed a more operationally efficient—and cost-effective—floorplan. By reprogramming how departments are laid out and creating vertical storage space for inventory, Staco shrank its footprint by nearly 44,000 square feet.

Yet even as the company reduced its physical space, the new headquarters is designed to grow. With revenues rising at a rapid clip and plans to hire more staff on the horizon, expansion is in Staco’s future. In response, the east side of the facility is designed to accommodate up to 40,000 additional square feet. The building’s tilt-up panel walls are engineered for future structural connections. And knock-out panels can be quickly and easily removed to allow for future paths of travel.

A Boost to Morale
Perhaps more intangible—but no less important—are the ways in which the new headquarters is enhancing team spirit and collaboration. The production areas are better lit, airier, and air conditioned, all of which contribute to improved productivity and employee satisfaction. The facility’s location also provides employees with easy access to the dining and entertainment hubs surrounding Dayton Mall and Austin Landing.

Bringing both sides of the operation under one roof has further reinforced the idea that everyone is on the same team, working toward the same mission. And the move has notably improved communication, especially between the sales and engineering teams.

“There’s a sense of pride of walking into a building every day that really shines, and I’m looking forward to bringing customers in here and showing them our new facility,” said Jeff Hoffman, president of Staco. “It will help position us for future growth in the marketplace.”

Working with a Trusted Guide
As Jeff reviewed proposals from several general contractors, he realized Miller-Valentine was the right fit for his company.

From the outset, Miller-Valentine asked informed questions and provided the right level of guidance to help Staco move forward with confidence. Miller-Valentine’s emphasis on communication with and collaboration between all stakeholders meant that the owner’s expectations for the project were met at every step. And Miller-Valentine’s commitment to accountability meant that issues were addressed as soon as they arose to provide the owner with a worry-free experience.

“On any project, you will run into obstacles, and we did during the process,” said Jeff. “But with Miller-Valentine, whenever something came up, everyone was calm and laser-focused on how to fix it.”

The project is a tremendous showcase of what collaboration and trust between stakeholders can accomplish. Miller-Valentine is proud to have partnered with the following companies to bring Staco’s vision to life:

  • Architect: James C. Hawthorn Registered Architect
  • Structural Engineer: Schaefer, Inc.
  • Civil Engineer: Kleingers Group, Inc.
  • Fire Protection: A-1 Sprinkler & Systems Integrations
  • Plumbing and HVAC: Wat-Kem Mechanical, Inc.
  • Electric: King’s Electric Services


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