June 17, 2019

From Co-Op to Assistant Project Manager – Welcome Turner McCaffrey

Welcome, Turner McCaffrey to the Miller-Valentine Construction Team.  Turner graduated from Clemson University in May with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, with an emphasis on construction, as well as a Business Administrations minor.  Turner previously completed three co-op rotations with Miller-Valentine in our Columbia, SC office.

Meet Turner:

What did you enjoy learning on your co-op rotations?
The best part of my co-op rotations was being able to apply what I learned in school to the field. Classes are fantastic to expose you to the material and give you a general idea of how things work. But, the field allows you to get your boots dirty and understand it at a deeper level. This was easily the most valuable thing I took away from my rotations.

Favorite project you worked on?
While co-oping the favorite project I worked on was The Ritedose Corporation. TRC was a 153,000 SF pharmaceutical warehouse. I enjoyed the project because it was more detailed than any of the other buildings I have worked on. The project team and I won an Eagle Award from the Associated Builders and Contractors of the Carolinas for this project.

What advice can you give to students starting out in Construction Management?
I would advise students to try to get in the field as much as possible. This will help them when they get back to school as well as when they transition to the office. After exposure to seeing the construction process in the field, you will be able to better manage a project from the office.

Why was a co-op position impactful for your career decision?
I decided I wanted to co-op because I wanted to stand out from my graduating class by having essentially an extra years’ worth of experience by the time I graduated. Experience in construction is highly sought after. After finishing my co-op and beginning my last semester as a student, I began applying for jobs. I was correct that with my civil engineering degree and extra experience I did stand out. More companies were interested in me because of my extra experience. Now as an Assistant Project Manager at Miller-Valentine I can say I am ahead of the game as far as new hires go and the learning curve is nowhere as steep.

What is the best part about finally graduating?
The best part about graduating is the excitement of getting your life on course for success. You start doing that earlier in college, but once you make it to the “real world” you are really able to begin carving your path to success and making a name for yourself. Every choice you make does matter and those choices will determine the imprint you make.

Anything else you’d like to add?

For additional information about the co-op program at Miller-Valentine, contact Josh Welsch at 513.774.8400.


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