June 2, 2020

Project Overview – Festo Expansion

Totaling 301,154 square feet of new space, Miller-Valentine Group’s construction of a two-building expansion of Festo Corporation’s Regional Service and Manufacturing Center in Mason, Ohio, has close to tripled the company’s capacity in logistics, production, and the industrial training solutions offered through its Festo Didactic Learning Center, which serves manufacturing companies and colleges throughout the Tristate.

Family-led for three generations, the Festo Corporation is an independent, privately-owned Esslingen am Neckar, Germany-based company founded in 1925. The leading worldwide supplier of intelligent automation technology and technical training solutions for more than 40 industries, Festo’s products, and services are available in 176 countries. Festo’s original facility opened on the company’s 44-acre Mason campus in 2015. This expansion will allow the company to more than double its workforce over the next five years.

For Miller-Valentine, this project presented several unique challenges. Simultaneously constructing additions on the north and south faces of the existing facility and rebuilding the roadway along the west face, while our client company continued to work 24/7 required every member of our team to be operating at maximum efficiency. Keeping Festo’s employees and associates safe while ensuring Festo’s activities continued without interruption were our top priorities.

The expanded Festo facility is now composed of three interconnected buildings, through which materials flow from one unit to the other. To the north, we constructed a 188,391-square-foot addition housing offices, training space, and a massive Automated Storage and Retrieval System, from which materials will be stored and shipped. To the south, we built a 112,763-square-foot building, where raw materials are received at its receiving docks and are then fabricated and assembled into finished goods. For Miller-Valentine, this was an extremely rewarding experience—as a complex and successful construction project and also as the beginning of what we look forward to as a long future of collaboration with the multinational Festo Corporation.

TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION: Conventional structural steel-framed construction with insulated architectural metal panels and glass

SIZE OF PROJECT: Two multi-use, two-story building additions totaling 301,154 square feet of new construction—married to the north (188,391 square feet) and south (112,763 square feet) faces of Festo’s existing facility; plus extensive exterior work, including a complete rebuild along the existing building’s west side.


  • North building addition (completed in December 2019):
    • First floor: 64,103 square feet of space housing Festo’s Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS); 4,763 square feet for the Festo Didactic Learning Center’s five new learning areas; 43,178 square feet for logistics; 4,505 square feet for docks; and 9,912 square feet for locker rooms, restrooms, electrical and fire sprinkler rooms, first aid, shipping offices, a mothers’ room, and common space
    • Second floor: 13,654 square feet for future office space
    • Mezzanine: 48,276 square feet housing ASRS support equipment
  • South building addition (completed in July 2019):
    • First floor: 72,377 square feet of warehouse space, 6,203 square feet for docks, 3,918 square feet of common space (halls, stairs, elevator, equipment rooms), and 18,723 square feet for future office space and future labs
    • Second floor: 11,542 square feet for restrooms, future office space, and an expansion of Festo’s existing break room
  • West face exterior of the existing building: Complete tear out and rebuild of road, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks, adding a new fire suppression water loop, underground storm piping, and landscaping
  • Other exterior work, including: Build and maintain 100-space temporary employee parking lot to the south; build new north (250-space) and south (125-space) permanent parking lots, each with access drive to Columbia Road; install $500,000 worth of landscaping, lighting, and irrigation; and build a 3.2 million-gallon stormwater retention pond

LENGTH OF PROJECT: Nineteen months (July 2018 to December 2019)



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