June 23, 2020

Project Update – Domino’s

Miller-Valentine Construction recently completed a 67,000 square foot processing facility for Domino’s, located in the Lexington County Industrial Park in West Columbia, South Carolina.  The facility will supply dough and other ingredients to Domino’s franchise stores in the state. Miller-Valentine was selected to provide design-build services in partnership with Magnus Development Partners.

Specialized considerations for planning and design
Prior to beginning design work, the Miller-Valentine Construction team toured Domino’s processing facilities in Georgia and New Jersey to gain an informed understanding of the company’s operations. The team studied what it takes to make the dough and the path it follows as it moves from production to storage to shipping. The new facility is built on these processes by capturing greater operational efficiencies for Domino’s.

Planning and design work were also focused on upholding stringent operational and food safety requirements. While food processing facilities are largely industrial in nature, every detail must be carefully considered to ensure it protects both quality and consumer safety.  For example, Domino’s does not freeze its pizza dough, so the facility must maintain precise temperature and humidity controls to ensure a consistent and high-quality product. This requires insight into how every building element—from the R-factor of the insulation to the filters in the HVAC system—work in concert to maintain the desired internal environment.

Food processing projects must also take into account strict Food and Drug Administration standards. The Miller-Valentine Construction team has decades of experience to ensure these standards were met at the outset. Details such as shatter-proof lighting fixtures, durable and easy-to-clean finishes, and a minimum number of horizontal surfaces were designed into the space to uphold FDA requirements.

Expedited schedule to meet customer expectations
To meet the customer’s timeline, Miller-Valentine Construction designed a site package and the building shell prior to finishing interior planning and design work. This course of action accelerated the local approval process and the start of site-related activities. But it is not an approach for an inexperienced team. The design team must ensure the facility can support equipment that has yet to be selected, and there is no margin for error.

Miller-Valentine Construction’s design-build approach, combined with our emphasis on creative solutions, made us an ideal match for this method of delivery. Our team also has extensive knowledge of the site and the local contractor market. Lexington County Industrial Park is home to several other projects completed by Miller-Valentine Construction, including Midway Logistics I, II, and III; Home Depot; and Republic National Distributing Company.

The team was energized by the highly collaborative nature of the project and the fast pace of the process. Their work reinforces how our flexibility and in-depth knowledge of markets we serve are key to staying nimble a tight labor market where long lead times are the norm.

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