December 14, 2020

Recognizing the Value of Our Long-Term Associates

What’s in a service anniversary?

At Miller-Valentine, service anniversaries are more than an annual recognition of years of employment. They are one of the most important milestones we celebrate.

Why it Matters – To Our Clients

For every Associate who spends a decade, or two decades, or even three decades with us, we are better able to follow through on our promise to build trust and create relationships with our clients. Forty-two percent of our workforce has been with our company for more than ten years. These Associates bring perfected skills and capabilities to the table. They know what works in a given situation and how to assemble best practices into creative solutions. They serve as trusted guides, helping our clients think through every angle of their project.

In addition, our long-term Associates are our “culture carriers.” They not only embrace our culture, they maintain, protect, and improve it. As a result, our clients know they can trust us to be accountable, to have integrity, to listen with open minds, and to be bold and innovative in our solutions.

“My greatest source of satisfaction is being part of a quality team and a great culture. I have stayed with Miller-Valentine because of the integrity of our people and the commitment to excellence in all that we do,” said Dave Settles, a Senior Project Manager and a 30-year veteran with our company.

Why it Matters – To Our Associates

Our long-term Associates serve as guides and mentors to newer hires. Many of our field staff started out as Miller-Valentine co-ops and interns themselves. They are well-positioned to help our youngest Associates learn the ropes quickly and effectively.

“Miller-Valentine is the only company I have ever worked for out of college. I have stayed here because of the culture, because I love what I do, and because of the great people,” noted Tony Williams, Vice President of Operations in Dayton, who celebrated 25 years with Miller-Valentine this year.

In addition, our Associates look out for one another. That culture of comradery both on the field and off is fostered and championed by our long-serving staff.

“I love what I do and I couldn’t see myself doing it anywhere else. From day one, I felt like I was a part of something special. I stay because I believe in everyone from the top down to do what is right for the company and each other,” noted Janie Lane, SHRM-CP, PHR, Benefits/Compensation Manager. This year, Janie celebrated 20 years with Miller-Valentine.

Why it Matters – To Us

As a company, our success is built on the talent, insight, service, and commitment of our Associates. We strive to offer compensation and benefits packages that are competitive and tailored to our Associates’ needs. Recognizing that there is more to career satisfaction than pay, we also provide our Associates with the means and the resources to chart a career path that is meaningful and rewarding.

“When I started 20 years ago, I was a young mother looking for a part-time job,” said Donna Reist, Marketing Specialist and 20-year veteran with Miller-Valentine. “As my employment needs changed, so did the opportunities at Miller-Valentine, allowing me to transition into a full-time position with additional responsibility.”

And finally, we cannot serve our clients or our own Associates if we are unwilling to change – set in our ways. At Miller-Valentine, we have created a culture of continuous improvement. This culture requires us to listen to each other, to build on what we do well, and to adjust where needed. We couldn’t do it without the insights of our established Associates. As Rich Rouse, IS/IT Systems Support Analyst noted, it’s what has made his 15 years with the company meaningful.

“Everyone wants to feel that they are making a difference. This company is continually evolving and driving me to evolve with it, and it is filled with people who are genuinely gratified that I’m here. It’s difficult to ask for something more satisfying than that.”

As 2020 comes to a close, we want to thank the Associates who celebrated anniversaries with us this year for their time and dedication.


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