March 3, 2021

5 Reasons Girls and Women Should Seek a Future in Construction

From March 7 to 13, Miller-Valentine will join contractors across the country in celebrating Women in Construction (WIC) Week. The annual event is sponsored by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) to recognize women in the construction industry.

At Miller-Valentine, we are proud to support diversity in our ranks. Our chief executive officer is a woman, and we have several female vice presidents. In addition, three of our four spring co-ops are women.

But as an industry, we have work to do. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up only about 10 percent of the construction workforce in the U.S. Yet there are so many opportunities for women who have a passion for building, for solving complex challenges, and for taking pride in a job well done. We think more women should see their future in this field, and not just because diversity leads to better outcomes for our teams and our clients.

In honor of WIC Week, here are five reasons why a future in construction is a good move for women to consider.

  1. The pay gap is smaller. As reported by the NAWIC, women in construction earn on average 99.1 percent of what men make. Compare this to the national average of 81.1 percent for other occupations, and you can see why a future in construction adds up.
  2. There is greater potential for higher income. Many positions in the industry offer good pay with no college degree required.
  3. There are jobs to fill. The construction industry is dealing with a labor shortage, driven in part by a wave of Baby Boomer retirements. General contractors and the trades are in need of smart, creative, detailed, and driven professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  4. There are numerous career paths. Career paths can take many directions, from working in the trades to managing projects in the field. If a hard hat isn’t for you, there are other avenues to pursue, including business development, scheduling, estimating, and more.
  5. The work is meaningful and challenging. No matter which career path you choose, you will have a hand in building dreams and changing lives. The structures you touch will be there years and even decades later, evidence that you helped shape landscapes and communities.

At Miller-Valentine, we believe that encouraging more women to join the construction field benefits not just their futures, but our industry and our clients. That’s why diversity and inclusion are key to our business strategy. In fact, 34% of our management team is made up of women. We recruit more women to positions at all levels of our company every year. And we are committed to working with Women Business Enterprises to encourage diverse thinking and better outcomes on our projects.

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