July 30, 2021

The City of Groveport Breaks Ground on 1847 Main Redevelopment Plan

Congratulations to the City of Groveport on breaking ground on 1847 Main, a $7.6 million redevelopment project that will bring much-needed commercial development — and the potential for added foot traffic — to the City’s historic downtown.

The redevelopment plan calls for the construction of two, two-story commercial developments, Rarey’s Port and Wert’s Grove, that will provide new space for restaurants, retail, and more. Rarey’s Port will total just over 14,000 square feet, and Wert’s Grove will offer roughly 12,000 square feet. The developments are named for the original settlements that became the Village of Groveport in 1847.

Building Certainty for Groveport

The City of Groveport had long wanted to attract new businesses to its downtown, but the Main Street corridor lacked available space. Rather than wait for development to happen, the City purchased a used car lot in 2018 and a second parcel in early 2020. While City officials had a clear vision for redevelopment, they needed help with the development aspect of the project. Miller-Valentine was brought on board in 2019 to help Groveport transform an inspired vision into a workable plan.

Miller-Valentine filled the role of trusted guide throughout the preconstruction process. Our consultative approach made collaboration with the City and other project partners — including the architect, Ford & Associates; the civil engineer, EMH&T; and the Groveport Community Improvement Corporation, which will serve as the landlord — a seamless process. Even with the disruption posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project moved through preconstruction, design, and approvals without a hitch.

“Miller-Valentine has been a fantastic partner on all aspects of this project to date,” said Jeff Green, Assistant City Administrator and Development Director. “The staff has been patient and has provided us with the expertise we’ve needed to help us make this project a success.”

A Ripple Effect

Three tenants have already committed to leases, confirming the pent-up demand for space in the downtown area. Delaney’s Diner, an established restaurant with two other locations, will occupy about 4,000 square feet in Rarey’s Port. Preston’s, a restaurant that specializes in burgers and chicken, and Melo Confectionary and Café have signed on for space in the Wert’s Grove facility.

One of the reasons the City decided to take the role of developer for this project was the ability to be more flexible in lease negotiations. “By eliminating the profit motive, the City was able to reduce the risk to the tenants by offering extremely competitive lease rates,” noted Green.

The ability to bring in destination restaurants and other new businesses is likely to spur future activity. Not only will 1847 Main add value for Groveport residents, it is also a sure-fire way to attract visitors. The City is working to capitalize on this ripple effect by identifying additional opportunities to encourage development along the Main Street corridor.

Construction on both Rarey’s Port and Wert’s Grove is expected to be completed in the spring of 2022.


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