January 26, 2022

Looking Back on a Year of Transformation

Talk to anyone in the construction industry, and they’ll tell you that 2021 was an interesting year. Regardless of supply chain disruptions, increased costs, and volatility, owners continued to invest in the future of their business by expanding, renovating, and building new.

Like most everyone, we had to find our footing in a “new normal” that shifted from month to month. We recalibrated as needed to work through the year’s challenges and make the best use of our natural advantages. Our customers trusted us to build certainty, and that’s what we did.

Here’s a look back on what we achieved in 2021 and where we plan to go in 2022.

We Topped Our Sales Record – Twice
We set an aggressive growth goal in 2021, and the year did not disappoint. In January, we signed the largest job in our history — and then we topped it in July. We closed out the year with $275 million in revenue, a significant increase over the $85 million we achieved just five years ago.

Our Framework for Growth Took Shape
With significant growth comes the need for transformation. In 2021, we took a hard look at our structure, processes, and protocols to ensure we can consistently and efficiently deliver projects safely, on time, and on budget. We also welcomed two new executives who will be instrumental in getting us to the next level. Mark Terhar, our executive vice president of construction, and Sarah Patton, our new vice president of human resources, both have extensive experience with developing people, teams, and operations to support high-growth organizations.

We Thrived at Adapting on the Fly
It’s hard to lead the pack if you sit still, which is why continuous improvement is such a prized value within our culture. There will always be a better way of doing something, and we are constantly putting our heads together to find it. This line of thinking makes us responsive, adaptable, and flexible—all of which were requirements for success in 2021. In most cases, we were able to cushion the impact of supply chain disruptions by working with our project partners to find different and better ways to source materials, schedule projects, and keep our commitments.

Rebranding Provided Greater Clarity on Who We Are
Rebranding was one of our biggest achievements in 2021. For years, the Miller-Valentine Group brand represented multiple, diverse business units. Over the past four years, we spun off our affordable housing, commercial property management, and brokerage divisions to focus on construction and real estate development. Last year, we rebranded to Miller Valentine Construction to better reflect how our business has evolved.

Our Associates Are Without Rival
Our Associates were not idle during the pandemic. Even as we expanded our reach and our backlog, we raised the bar on safety, on our processes, on the tools we use and how we use them, and even on how we innovate. Our Associates continually hit the mark. They are an amazing team and I’m fortunate to be part of it.

We Are Ready for 2022
Whatever the coming year holds, we are ready for it. As we grow with intention and focus, we are adding to our teams in terms of diversity, skills, knowledge, and experience. The result will be better outcomes for our customers, our project partners, and our Associates.

Our customers can expect that we will continue to Build Certainty. It’s why we show up every day. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of their growth and we truly value the collaboration and teamwork required to turn their vision into reality. More than anything, we look forward to doing more of the same in 2022.

With growth comes opportunities for our own Associates to build new relationships with our customers and forge new paths in their careers. From promotions to completely new roles, growth at our scale is a gift to those who are excited to see just how far their careers can take them.

Now, let’s get to work on building a bigger and brighter 2022!

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