Associate Spotlight: Angie Hall

Celebrating 30 Years with Miller Valentine

Chance brought Angie Hall to Miller Valentine Construction 30 years ago. The opportunity to grow with a people-oriented company inspired her to stay.

It was 1992, and Angie had just quit a job without a back-up plan. As she was leaving the office for the last time, an employment agency in the same building caught her eye. She walked right in to see what they could do for her. After assessing Angie’s skills and interests, the agency offered three potential matches — one of which was Miller Valentine. She didn’t know much about the company, but she had seen Miller Valentine signs all over the region.

“I knew that’s where I wanted to be right away,” said Angie. “They asked me to try out all three companies, but Miller Valentine was the company I wanted, and here I am.”

Angie started as an administrative assistant, providing general clerical support. As the company grew, so too have her responsibilities. Today she is a Project Assistant and supports several construction teams from the bidding stage throughout the entire project. Angie handles writing design and subcontracts, purchase orders, creates project billings, reviews & approves invoices, assembles project operations manuals, and more.  She does whatever it takes to bring value and leverage the time of the project teams so everyone can focus on the successful completion of each project.

“You are never limited in your role here,” said Angie. “If you want to move up, the company will work with you to provide training and opportunities you need to get on the right career path.”

As a result, she’s worked through many “first-of-their-kind” moments as Miller Valentine expanded and tackled new and larger project types. Along the way, she has helped the company try out, refine, and improve processes and procedures.

It’s not just the challenging work and advancement opportunities that have kept Angie at Miller Valentine. She also appreciates working for a company that prioritizes its Associates and their well-being both at work and home. For example, long before work from home was a standard phrase, Angie was provided with the flexibility she needed to manage her tasks and care for her family.

“Miller Valentine’s leadership has always been Associate-oriented and mindful of providing a fair work/life balance,” said Angie. “It’s good to work for a company that you know appreciates you. It makes you want to give your best every day.”


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