Miller Valentine adopts a 2nd 4th Grade Classroom in Middletown

Miller Valentine is proud to continue our community outreach efforts by supporting the Adopt A Class organization.  We recognize that preparing young people for their future goes beyond the classroom. It takes focusing on job readiness, exposure to a variety of career paths, and a team of positive role models along the way.

MV has been working with AAC for the past 6 years.  As AAC broadens its reach beyond the Cincinnati area, we are pleased to adopt a second 4th grade classroom in Middletown.

Our first session in both classrooms was quite successful as our team members met the students, led an icebreaker where we all wrote out our favorite candy and pinned it on a pumpkin, conducted a simple building exercise with index cards, and distributed goodie bags filled with Halloween candy, pencils, toys, and a healthy snack to take home.  We all had a lot of fun engaging with the students who were eager to ask questions, share their thoughts, and design and create their projects.

Our Classroom Volunteers:

Wildwood Elementary School (Middletown, OH):  Amy Winkelman, Jennifer Spicer, Matt Worrell, Kim Unruh, Bill Baudendistel, Doug Bennett, Donna Reist

Silverton Elementary School (Silverton, OH):  Angie Gill, Sarah Patton, Kelly Kidwell, Kyle Kitzmiller, Erin Standen, Matt Allen

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