February 24, 2023

 A Year of Building for the Future

 Despite industry-wide challenges, 2022 was a banner year for the construction industry.

That certainly held true for Miller Valentine Construction. The markets we serve saw solid construction activity. In many respects, 2022 was focused on building for the future by intentionally growing our capacity and capabilities.

Here are some of the highlights from the past year:

Growing Our Capacity – Despite the ongoing labor squeeze, we were fortunate to hire approximately 35 new Associates.

Managing Supply Chain Disruptions – Much like the labor shortage, supply chain disruptions continued to strain the industry last year. We navigated the chaos by strengthening partnerships with our trade partners and suppliers. We continued to put emphasis on collaboration during the design phase of our projects, working hand in hand with the architects and other design consultants to understand lead times and material scarcity issues.

Collaborating across the Board – Miller Valentine has long embraced collaboration as a core value. But this year, we saw collaboration kick into high gear, with Associates working together across teams, functions, and even regions. We believe it’s a reflection of greater awareness of and respect for the value and expertise different people and teams bring to the table to solve our clients’ challenges.

Maintaining Our Focus on Safety – Even with our rapid growth, our processes and policies enabled us to onboard new Associates without losing focus on what matters: making sure our Associates and trade partners go home to their families every day.

Elevating Our Associates – We dedicated ourselves to “re-recruiting” and retaining our staff by expanding the training and opportunities available to them. As a result, we saw many new leaders flourish last year.

Reconnecting with Our Teams – After two years of working from home or with a hybrid model, 2022 was a year for reconnecting in person. Chili cookoffs, a shuffleboard tournament, river tubing, a golf outing, and a company-wide pumpkin carving contest were just some of the activities our offices scheduled. Seeing our long-time Associates connect with our new hires — and finding ways to grow our culture together — was one of the inspirational high points of the year.

Ready for What Comes Next

We are fired up about the opportunities in front of us. The coming year will be a big one for Miller Valentine as we celebrate our 60th anniversary. The work we did last year to expand our capacity and bolster our systems will be a launchpad for the next 60 years. We expect the coming year to be one of growth for our Associates as we continue to create new roles and open new possibilities for those who are interested. We expect to grow our client base and volume. And most important, we will advance our ability to deliver greater value for our clients.

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