Communication Key to On-Time, On-Budget Completion of Climate Controlled Self Storage Facility in North Carolina

Miller Valentine Construction recently completed a 105,000-square-foot climate controlled self storage (CCSS) facility in Fayetteville, North Carolina, for client MV Investment.

The project brings the number of CCSS structures built for MV Investment to an even dozen. It was also the first CCSS unit Miller Valentine built in North Carolina. Despite material delays, the team completed the project on time and on budget through diligent communication and collaboration with the client, trade partners, suppliers, and local, state, and federal government agencies.

Pulling Out All the Stops to Deliver on Client Priorities

With a tenant identified early in the project, maintaining the 12-month construction schedule was the client’s top priority. However, significant material delays put the schedule at risk more than once.

Notably, a shortage of 72-inch reinforced concrete pipe nearly delayed the project by three months. The storm pipe was necessary to protect wetlands and a creek on the project site. Until it could be installed, approximately 75% of the site was inaccessible for development. The team returned to the drawing board and, in coordination with the engineer, site contractor, and the City of Fayetteville, substituted a 72-inch steel storm pipe to keep the project moving. Delays on other supplies like electrical panels and utility materials were similarly tackled with collaborative problem-solving.

“We had a great team that worked together to overcome challenges through value engineering and thinking outside the box for where and how we sourced materials,” said Joe Licher, Project Manager. “Our trade partners really put in the time and creative thinking needed to keep the schedule moving.”

Quality was also a key driver for the project. Providing experienced on-site supervision and working with a dedicated team of trade partners were key to turning over quality work. Miller Valentine’s quality analysis and quality control processes were also integral to catching and correcting issues.

“Attention to concrete and steel work is imperative on CCSS projects because they are the materials you see in the finished product,” said Joe. “We worked closely with our steel and concrete trade partners to make sure the materials, construction, and installation reflected our commitment to delivering a high-quality product.”

Working Smarter through Collaborative Partnerships

One reason the team was so successful can be traced to Miller Valentine’s detailed vetting process for trade partners.

“Because it was our first time working in this market, it was crucial for our team to set clear expectations in terms of quality, schedule, and safety. It came down to having our trade partners’ buy-in, so we were on the same page from the start,” said Joe.

The team also emphasized clear and consistent communication with all stakeholders. With multiple jurisdictions involved in the project — including the City of Fayetteville, utility companies, the Department of Transportation, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers — constant communication was vital to ensure the project team met all requirements on time.

Working alongside the client from day one also contributed to the project’s safe, on-time, and on-budget completion. Early collaboration enabled the project team to weigh in on value engineering and other factors to keep the budget in check. In addition, the team was able to engage with different jurisdictions early in the process so permitting and approvals progressed smoothly.

“Our clients have a vision, and we are responsible for building that vision,” Joe said. “By working hand-in-hand with our client from site identification through conceptual design to construction enhanced our ability to define and achieve success.”

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