Associate Spotlight – Stevie Campbell

In 1984, Stevie Campbell began his journey at Miller Valentine as a Laborer. His very first task? Cleaning a 4-story office building, floor by floor. He can still recall the instructions from the Superintendent: “Start at the first floor and work your way up to the fourth, then come back to the first floor and start again.” With over 40 years in the industry, he offers this advice to those just joining today, “keep an open mind and learn everything you can.”

Despite decades in the industry, Stevie never claims to know it all. He lives by the belief that you can always learn something new every single day. Stevie has seen the industry’s evolution over the decades, from when work was done by hand to today, where machinery guides most tasks. Stevie’s journey has been marked by a desire to keep learning and be up for the challenge. In fact, challenges are what have kept Stevie in the industry for so many years, and they get him excited to come to work every day. The challenges of a project, the tasks of the day, and the coordination of work differ daily. Of all the things that have changed over the years, the culture at Miller Valentine and the people Stevie has worked alongside has been a constant for him.

Throughout his career, Stevie has worked alongside industry legends and mentors like Vince Combs, Bill Krul, and Dave Selby. When asked about his mentors, he emphasized one common trait: ” They taught.” They fostered a culture of open-mindedness, continuous learning, and a willingness to teach others.

One of Stevie’s proudest memories involves the construction of a Meijer distribution center in Tipp City, Ohio, where the innovative tilt-up construction pioneered by Miller Valentine was employed. On a crew that erected the most extensive tilt-up panels the company had ever seen, Stevie faced significant challenges, such as dealing with 16-point picks to lift each panel into place, each featuring 2 dock doors and a window (this was in the day when the standard size of a panel was 4, 6, or 8 point picks so these were extraordinary). This project remains a source of immense pride for Stevie and showcases the team working together to create an outcome.

Stevie’s career epitomizes Miller Valentine’s culture of always improving. Improvement has been a key part of what has kept Stevie engaged and having fun all these years. Stevie was part of a team that set a company record by placing 176 pieces of steel in a single day, showcasing both his dedication to excellence and the competitive spirit of Miller Valentine.

Throughout his 40-year tenure, Stevie has embodied Miller Valentine’s core values of honesty, safety, passion, continuous improvement, and accountability. As we celebrate Stevie’s 40 years with Miller Valentine, we honor his profound contributions and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. His journey is a testament to the enduring spirit of growth and dedication, inspiring us all to embrace every challenge with determination, adaptability, and a thirst for knowledge.


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