Associate Spotlight: Kenny Frei

Kenny embarked on his Miller Valentine journey on May 16, 1984, as a Carpenter on a four-story commercial building on Poe Avenue in Dayton. Transitioning from residential construction, he eagerly embraced the change of pace and stability that commercial projects offered. From diligently tying rebar to managing tasks from footers to doorknobs, Kenny’s dedication and exceptional work ethic swiftly propelled him from Carpenter to Foreman. The days turned to weeks, then months, then years – yet throughout the years Kenny has never lost sight of being fully dedicated to getting done what needs to happen on any given day.

Described by Nick Beach, Vice President of Operations, Southeast, as “the go-to person for getting things done right. When you are working with Kenny Frei, you are working with a person who is even-keeled, listens, and gives feedback, all in an effort to come up with the best solution for the day’s challenge.  He does what it takes every day to make Miller Valentine successful.” Kenny has consistently delivered excellence in projects, establishing a reputation for reliability and precision.

“There is always another project, but technology has changed so much,” describes Kenny in the changing technology landscape of the industry. Kenny emphasizes the importance of composure in navigating challenges effectively, highlighting the need to stay level-headed amidst constant change and connection that technology can bring. His advice to newcomers in the industry—to “listen more and ask more questions”—underscores the value of mutual learning and collaboration within the construction community.

Reflecting on his diverse portfolio, one of Kenny’s memorable projects was overseeing the construction of a pork processing plant in Delphi, Indiana, boasting a processing capacity of 1,800 pigs per day. With a wealth of experience spanning ground-up initiatives to renovations, Kenny’s versatility and expertise have been instrumental in numerous successful Miller Valentine endeavors.

Today, as the overseer of our Yard facility, equipment, and fleet program, Kenny embodies Miller Valentine’s core principles with unwavering dedication and a strong work ethic. His enduring commitment to excellence and passion for the craft inspire those around him.

As we celebrate Kenny’s remarkable 40-year anniversary, we honor his dedication and passion, which exemplify Miller Valentine’s values and culture. Here’s to Kenny—a true embodiment of high performance and dedication.

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