Since its founding in 1988, Kinetic Vision has helped companies around the globe solve complex product and system development challenges. But when faced with a complex challenge of a different nature — how to accommodate skyrocketing growth with limited space — Kinetic Vision tapped Miller Valentine Construction for assistance.

Now the company is preparing to move into a new 51,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art headquarters in Evendale, Ohio. Located in AeroHub, an advanced manufacturing innovation district, the facility will enable Kinetic Vision to consolidate its three locations into one. In the process, the company will gain much-needed space to expand its capabilities while enjoying improved efficiency and coordination.

The project is the fourth time Miller Valentine has partnered with Kinetic Vision in the span of 12 years. It is a testament to what can be achieved through relationships that are built on trust and focused on client outcomes.

Luxe meets muscle

Kinetic Vision integrates advanced technologies to accelerate product innovation. The company’s capabilities include smart product and medical device development, packaging innovation, product quality engineering, software/app development, AR/VR/XR, digital twin simulation, industrial scanning and analysis, and visual communication. Kinetic Vision works with companies in the medical, consumer electronics, transportation, aerospace, and consumer packaged goods industries.

Designing a high-end space that would both reflect and support the creativity, innovation, and collaboration at the heart of the company were top priorities for the client. To achieve the right look and functionality, the Miller Valentine team worked closely with the client to research and select the right materials and finishes. Everything from the cloud ceilings to the marquee millwork speaks to refined sophistication.

“We met frequently with the client to review design and detail options from the space planning phase through interior finish selection to deliver a truly custom project unique to their needs and aesthetic,” said Project Manager Rebecca Schaefer.

Underpinning the luxe aesthetics is a muscular infrastructure that powers the company’s advanced technologies. The facility includes a 10,000 square foot innovation lab with rapid prototyping capabilities. A portion of the second floor includes a “plug-and-play” space that can be modified into a lab, offices, or collaborative area based on future needs. Garage doors on the first and second floors will allow the company to move heavy equipment in and out of the building. And modular office spaces can easily be adapted to changing requirements.

Design/build model supports accelerated schedule

The design/build project is the product of a trust-based relationship between the client, Miller Valentine, Phoenix Architecture, and Schaefer Engineering. The project team’s shared support of the client’s goals enabled Miller Valentine to complete the project in just 13 months — despite COVID-19 shutdowns, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions.

“We communicated frequently with the project team, our trade partners, and our suppliers to work through challenges and keep things on track,” said Rebecca. “The close coordination enabled us to safely deliver a highly customized, world-class facility to our client on time.”

Rebecca also credited the project’s superintendent, Kris Koch, and Miller Valentine’s trade partners for the project’s success.

“Miller Valentine’s field team and trade partners, led by Superintendent Kris Koch, were the key to the project’s success. They went the extra mile to develop custom solutions and bring the client’s vision to life,” said Rebecca.

Miller Valentine is proud to be a trusted partner to Kinetic Vision. We can’t wait to see where their growth and ingenuity take them next.