Lexington Baptist Church

This 49,390 SF Child Education Building addition and renovation includes classrooms, offices and support areas for infants through grade 5. It also includes 7,600 SF fellowship hall with a seating capacity of 450 and commercial kitchen. Building features include:

• Ceiling height 12’
• Load bearing concrete masonry structure
• Brick and architectural concrete masonry veneer to match existing architecture
• The building is designed to provide limited access and security for students and staff

“I really appreciate the company’s consideration of the 225 preschool children who walked through the edge of the site four days a week to go to our playground. We worked hard together to make it a safe environment for little boys and girls on their way to and from play. Our area was constantly full of children and the folks at Miller-Valentine kept those children on their ‘radar’ and the equipment in check to make it a safe and therefore successful adventure.” Sandi Self Minister to Children, Lexington Baptist Church

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