ThreeBond International

ThreeBond International’s recently renovated manufacturing center took an unconventional approach with its recent expansion, opting to build up rather than out.

Miller-Valentine Construction engaged with Schaefer, a structural engineering firm, to clarify the vision and define the scope for this expansion. Our team designed a nearly 18,000 square foot mezzanine with a load rating of 250 pounds per square foot. A mezzanine for light manufacturing is typically designed to withstand 125 pounds per square foot; office space is typically rated for up to 80 pounds per square foot.

To accomplish this feat, we designed a steel beam and column structure that could fit within the existing facility—essentially, a structure within a structure. This approach saved both time and money that would otherwise be required to retrofit the existing facility. To support the added weight, we reinforced the existing floor slab in strategic locations with more than two feet of concrete.

The renovated facility includes:

  • Office space
  • Locker room
  • Cleanroom
  • Manufacturing space

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