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Vice President - LEAN Construction
Integrated Project Delivery
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Lean/IPD brings together cross-discipline expertise and lean construction principles for a highly-collaborative approach to delivering projects that results in greater transparency, efficiency and certainty through all phases.

Traditional Delivery Methods vs Lean/IPD

Lean/IPD projects perform better than traditional projects across every measure of success. On average, they cost less, are completed faster, are of higher quality, and deliver a better overall experience for owners and the project trade partners. Everyone involved in a Lean IPD project—from the owner, the design partners, the builder, the specialty trade partners and their materials and equipment suppliers—work to align on a common vision, agreement on the target cost, target schedule and defining what constitutes success for the project, for the owner and for the individual companies involved.

Tenets of lean construction

Lean IPD methodology creates a reliable workflow that is built on delivering commitments across the multi disciplinary team that creates trust and a culture of “power with” where everyone contributes, and where we’re always learning and driving constant improvement as a team.

  • Learn early
  • Work on what is needed now
  • Achieve reliable workflow
  • Leverage the team’s intelligence
  • Engage key partners early
  • Design with cost as a constraint
  • Optimize the whole, not the parts
  • Eliminate wastes

Six essential practices of a Lean/IPD project

The integrated team builds capability and strong relationships from early involvement of all project partners, co-location, visual communication and a contract that shares risk and reward based on project outcomes over any individual performance.

Collaborative Design Session (CDS)
Right partners engaged early
Target Value Design
Prevention through design with input from trade partners
Big Room
‘Colo’ to create one team on one project
Plan the work and work the plan with pull planning and Last Planner®
Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS)
Project partners define success
Integrated Form of Agreement (IFOA)
Motivation and incentives for the project team

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Owner Companies that are leaning forward to appropriately, jointly share risks are gaining benefits in cost, schedule, safety and quality from application of Lean principles with an integrated team of partners on their capital projects
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